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Please contact for any other inquiries you may have about the sponsorship packages.

Inclusion in All Marketing Material, Website Front Page, Full Page Message Program, Park Signage, Media Coverage, Social Media Coverage. Tournament First Pitch, All Star Ceremony Champion Shirt Sleeve Logo, Divisional MVP Jersey Logo.

Inclusion in Marketing Material, Website Front Page, Half Page Program, Park Signage, Social Media Coverage, Coaches/Managers Meeting Naming/Signage, ReSeed Party Naming/Signage. Tournament Draw Board, Prize Draw Board. Divisional MVP Jersey Sleeve Logo.

Inclusion in Marketing Materials, Website Front Page, 1/4 Page Program, Social Media Coverage, Daily Update Newsletter Naming, Divisional Naming Rights, All-Star Team Logo Recognition (Jersey Sleeve for Specific Division)

Bleacher Area Naming (2), Kids Play Area, Silent Auction, Grounds Crew Naming, Beer Board, Therapy Centre

Game Day Program – Inland, FMBA, Airdrie. First $1000 Sponsor bonus will get Championship Day Program @ FMBA. Game MVP X 2/ Game (# of games)

Game MVP announcement, website sponsor section, game program

Areas of service, ie: (Washroom Facilities, Construction Materials, Print Services, Equipment Rental, Player Transportation, Security Services)